Objects are drag+drop assets that you can quickly add to a drawing or design to make the creative process faster and easier. You can purchase pre-made, royalty-free objects from the Market, or unlock the Make Your Own Objects feature to store unlimited objects of your own creation.
To use the Object Library:
  1. Tap the Import menu on the canvas. Your active object library will appear beneath the menu so you can tap or drag objects from the library onto your canvas.
  2. If you haven’t used objects before, double-tap the Import menu (or if it’s open already, just tap More) to bring up the Market (objects in the store), My Objects (your purchased, created and shared objects), and Imports (all other Import types) tabs.
  3. Under the Market tab, you will see many types of objects arranged by row. To see all the objects within a row, swipe through it with your finger. Once you purchase a library, it will appear under the My Objects tab.
  4. Tap on an object library to use it. It will open beneath the Import menu on your canvas.
  5. Use your finger or stylus to browse through the objects in your library.
  6. Tap an object and it will appear at the center of your screen, selected and ready to be adjusted. Alternatively, you can drag the object onto the screen and let go.