Making your own objects is fun and easy, makes designing across drawings and projects simple, and helps you to add quick, personal style to your assets and presentations. You can create as many libraries as you'd like, and store as many objects in them as you'd like.
To create your own Object Library:
  1. Tap the Library menu to expand it and tap ‘More’.
  2. Tap the Market tab, and purchase the Make Your Own Objects feature. (If you're subscribed, it will already be unlocked.)
  3. Tap the My Objects tab, and notice an empty object library at the top with a "+ New" button. Tap this button.
  4. You'll be returned to the canvas. A brand new, empty library will appear beneath your open Import menu. It will feature a + button.
  5. Using Selection, select from the canvas what you wish to make into an object. We recommend grouping it into a single object first, to make selecting and moving it about easier later on (you can always ungroup it when you want).
  6. Tap the + button on the library to add the object. Alternatively, you can drag the selection onto the + button, and let go. Your selection will return to its original place once added.
  7. Keep adding objects to the library — as many as you'd like!
Find out more about creating, editing and sharing objects here in our photo tutorial