Whether your canvas is set to infinite or you are working with an artboard, you can customize your export size and resolution to any dimension you need.
  1. Enter the Settings menu (the gear button) on the upper status bar.
  2. Under Artboard Size, type in your custom dimensions or choose from one of the templates. When you return to your drawing, you’ll see an artboard set to your dimensions.
  3. Tap+hold on a corner of the artboard. The blue boundary will turn red and you can drag and position it around your drawing. If the drawing is too big or too small for the artboard, select your drawing in All Layers, make sure Scale is active on the selection menu at the bottom of the screen (instead of Stretch), and scale your drawing to the size you want.
  4. When you’re ready to export your drawing, tap the Export menu on the canvas and in the options, select Custom Size aka Artboard Size.
  5. Make sure to set your Output Details before exporting. Concepts allows you to export to 72ppi, 150ppi, 300ppi and 600ppi depending on your device (see iOS device-based export sizes here, see Windows + Android export sizes here), giving you various sizes to work with for printing, social media etc.
You can resize or crop your image as many times as you like in-drawing, for as many Exports as you desire. Your original sketch will remain as-is with its infinite resolution.

Read more about working with artboards and the infinite canvas in our tutorial Working with Your Infinite Canvas. Find pro techniques for exporting your work in our tutorial Tips for Exporting Your Designs.