Concepts' color picker acts like a traditional color picker, and has a few additional vector properties. It can pick colors from imported images and sketches, and also pick tool properties from strokes you've previously drawn on the canvas.

To use the color picker, first make sure you’re using a brush that uses colors (since tools like Selection, Slice, Mask, and Nudge don’t). You can then access the color picker in a few ways:
  1. Tap the colored circle at the center of your tool wheel (or on the inner menu of your tool bar) to open the color wheel. Tap on the eyedropper.
  2. Activate Selection via a tap+hold on the screen and tap the selection mode toggle on the bottom of the screen until you find Color Picker (Lasso -> Item Picker -> Color Picker).
  3. If you use the color picker a lot when drawing, you can set it to be your default tap+hold gesture. Head to Settings, find the Gestures tab, and under Tap+Hold, activate color picker as your option.
  4. If you use a 2nd generation Apple Pencil, you can set the color picker to your double tap option. Go to Settings -> Stylus -> Double Tap and choose color picker.
Once the color picker is active, drag it across the screen. Whatever color the crosshairs are touching when you let go will be the color that is applied to your current brush (echoed in the upper portion of the ring.)

Notice that in the Selection menu at the bottom of the screen, there is a toggle for Alpha On and Alpha Off. Selecting Alpha On will pick colors by the tool they were originally drawn with and isolate them from background strokes (including opacity) - this is the vector color picker capability. When you select Alpha Off, the picker will choose the current flattened color you see on the canvas, like you experience in a traditional pixel-based app.

In addition to colors, you’ll see a tag appear over the circle for relevant strokes - this shows the original tool and tool settings (including size and opacity) that you used to draw the stroke. You can tap this tag to recall and apply the original brush settings to your current tool.