You can import images (JPG, PNG) and PDFs into Concepts via the Import menu, drag+drop, or Apple's "Open In" ability.
1. To import from the Import menu:

Tap the down arrow icon in the status bar to Import

Choose where you want to import the image from

Your options are:
  • Anything you’ve recently imported
  • The clipboard (e.g. if you’ve copied an image in Safari)
  • Your camera, if you want to take a photo
  • Your photos
  • Files, which sends you to your iCloud Drive (tap Locations for more options)
2. Many apps also support drag+drop, like the iPhotos library or Safari. Tap+hold an image from the app, then drag it to initiate drag+drop. Open Concepts via the command bar or split screen and drag the image onto the canvas. Dragging an image into a Drawing will import it onto the canvas; dragging it into the Gallery will import it as a new file.
3. Some apps support Apple's "Open In" or "Share" functionality, like Dropbox or Google Drive. Open your desired app, select the image file you want, and choose "Open In.” Concepts will appear in the list of available apps. If you were in the gallery before you left to import, then a new drawing will be created with the imported image. If you had a drawing open, then the drawing will be imported to the open drawing.
A note on importing PDFs:
  • Single-paged PDFs will import like any other image (though they’ll maintain their sharp appearance when you zoom in and out).
  • Multi-paged PDFs will appear in a menu on the side of the screen. You can scroll through to find the correct page, then drag or tap it onto your canvas like an image and sketch over it.