Implementing iPad and iPhone drawing synchronization via iCloud is a top priority for us. Your work is invaluable, and we want to take careful steps to ensure it remains protected. The project has been in the works for over a year and is on its way.

We intend to deliver iCloud sync over the course of multiple releases. Each release will take a cautious, well-tested step forward.

(DONE) Step 1: Re-package your drawings into a new file format that will enable us to support iCloud sync in a future release. This was done in version 5.8 of Concepts. This new file format will also make drawings smaller and save space on your devices.

Step 2: Open the Concepts document folder to the iOS Files app. This will allow you to directly access and view your Concepts files inside the Files app, as well as rearrange and move files into and out of the Files app from Concepts. We will also support "Open in Place", which will allow you to open your file and edit it in Concepts directly from the Files app.

Step 3: Add support for relocating your Concepts projects to iCloud. Projects moved to iCloud will be continuously synced. Pro users (requiring Essentials or subscription) will be able to manage which projects are located in iCloud on a project-by-project basis. Users who have not purchased Essentials or a subscription will have the choice to store all drawings in iCloud or on their local device.

Future: Cross-platform compatibility of Concepts drawings - to allow you to work between iOS, Windows and Android - will follow once our Android and Windows platforms have caught up with the features available in iOS.

Thank you for your patience and support!

To understand the difference between syncing and backing up your drawings, read our tutorial on Backing Up Your Drawings.