Yes! We’d love to have you as a beta tester, thank you very much.

Signing up is easy.

1. Go to this page:
2. Enter your information.

Participating is also easy.

When the next round of testing comes about, you’ll receive an invitation through TestFlight, Apple’s beta testing application, to test the most current beta version (read below about our beta app and process). You’ll also receive an email from us with guidance on what we’re trying to achieve and what we’d like you to test for, as well as an invitation to join our Facebook Beta group. As you test, you can share your experiences, insights, feedback and questions with us and others in the group here, as well as receive any announcements we have to make.

As with all beta testing, we start with rough builds that approach the main idea of our launch and ask for larger scale feedback. Then we hone in, add features, and polish the experience based on our community’s feedback.

Since our initial builds are generally less stable, we’ll have you download an alternate version of the app called Concepts Beta to test on. This way your important work isn’t compromised on the main app. You can draw and explore to your heart’s content, and let us know what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Once features are in place and we near our release, you’ll receive an invitation to test an updated build of the main app. We don’t release unless we’re sure that it’s very, very stable, but we one hundred percent recommend backing up your data with iCloud or other preferred method, just to make sure nothing goes wrong! (If it does, we’ll help you out.)

In development, all feedback is good feedback so we can create the best experience for everyone. No bug, question or insight is too small - everything is relevant and we appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention. You are helping to shape Concepts into your ultimate design app, and we thank you for your participation!