You can create a color block by using the Filled Stroke tool with the Precision Shape Guides, or by defining one of our Basic Shape objects with the Filled Stroke tool (choose a shape, choose Fill, choose the color).

If you’d like to create a more artistic color block, you can combine the Shape Guides with the Hard Mask tool like this:

1) Color an area with your color(s) of choice. If it helps you to know the area you’re trying to fill, you can sketch the shape in its own layer first with an object or the shape guides, then color in the area in a separate layer.

2) Select the Hard Mask tool.

3) Tap the Precision menu, and select the Shape Guide you’d like to mask with. You’ll see a pink guide appear - it only appears when the eraser is active and is there to let you know what the eraser will mask.

4) Line the guide up where you’d like and trace it. It will only erase in the current layer, so make sure you’re in the layer you want.

5) Turn off the Shape Guide and erase anything else outside your mask lines.

Tip: If your color block takes multiple layers and you want to mask the same area in more than one layer, select the mask stroke and duplicate it, then drag it to the new layer. Do the same for all relevant layers.