The master control for scale is in the Settings menu - the gear icon on the upper status bar. Tap the button and find "Drawing Scale" in the Workspace tab. There are some common options available, or you can tap each field to set it custom for yourself. Make sure you set your “Units” in the section below, as well, to keep the metrics corresponding.

There's a shortcut available for aligning your scale to a PDF or image if you know an accurate, real-world measurement in your plan (the height of an object in a picture, for example).

  1. Import the picture through the Import menu.
  2. Turn on Precision (the Grid button).
  3. Activate the Guides, and select the Line tool from among the options.
  4. Position the handles of the Guide at the ends of the known object in the picture.
  5. Tap the ratio beside the Measure button in the Precision menu to bring up the Drawing Scale fields. You’ll see the fields are filled with the current measurement of your line.
  6. Enter the real-world size of the object into the second field, aka the "Scaled" section (should be selected automatically). Don’t touch the first field. Exit the overlay.

Concepts will use the measurement from the Shape Guide in relation to the value you entered to determine the exact scale for your drawing. Anything you draw from this point on will reference that scale, and the accurate measurements will be displayed any time "Measure" is on.

Check out our illustrated Scale and Measurement tutorial or read more about scale and measurement in our Manual. You can also learn how to import plans, set them to scale, and create new plans in How to Create a Floor Plan.