File version conflicts can happen if the same drawing has been edited on multiple devices or outside of Concepts while the drawing is open in Concepts. When this happens, Concepts gets information about the different existing versions and will show a conflict handling screen. On this screen, you can choose which version to keep. All other versions will be lost and changes in different versions cannot be merged into one. You can see these conflicts either when opening a drawing from the gallery or while a drawing is open on canvas. 

You shouldn’t experience conflicts in normal use. Occasionally if a device was offline or there was a network problem you may see a conflict that you will need to resolve.

There are a few things you can do to avoid these conflicts:

  • Exit to gallery when you stop editing your drawing.

  • Don’t open the same drawing on multiple devices at the same time. This will cause conflicts unless you are sure to take it in turns to make edits and wait for each other’s edits to reload before making new changes.