We're looking forward to releasing Concepts 6 for iOS this October. It is a free update to the same app you have already downloaded from the App Store. It will improve the app experience for everyone using Concepts, whether you are a free or paying user - thank you for your support!

Concepts 6 will have an updated interface with simpler key workflows, a newly structured gallery integrated with the Files app to help with file management (this is a significant step toward our goal of iCloud sync, though sync itself is still a work in progress), many more improvements, and an intentional surprise to celebrate our 10 year birthday that we hope you'll enjoy.

If you have previously downloaded Concepts from the App Store before Concepts 6, you'll find all of your drawings are still available in the Gallery, while the Gallery interface will have updated. You will still be able to access and edit all of your files, as every update to Concepts preserves your hard work.

If you have automatic updates enabled and the new version doesn't seem to be appearing on your device, please be aware that our updates roll out to users over the course of about a week. This helps us to check for stability across various types of devices and allows our team to help you have a better update experience. If you have questions, please tap Help > Ask Us Anything in app and we'll be happy to help.

If you do not have automatic updates enabled, make sure to check in the App Store during the next few weeks to update your app to Concepts 6!

If you have not yet downloaded Concepts from the App Store, you can do that at any time for free, then decide if you want to unlock additional capabilities via subscription or one-time purchasing through the Pro Shop in-app. Again, we appreciate your support, it directly goes back into the app to make it a better creative tool. Thanks!