Your purchase is made via the platform's app store. So, the instructions for managing your subscription also depend on the platform. Scroll down to find the platform you use.
iOS / iPadOS
1. Open the App Store app.
2. Click your name. If you can't find your name, click Sign In.
3. Click Account Settings.
4. Scroll to Subscriptions, then click Manage.
5. Next to the Concepts subscription, click Edit.
6. Click Cancel Subscription.
Apple has additional details available here.
1. Go to
2. Find Concepts and tap Manage
3. Tap Change and turn off auto-renew. If you see "Turn on recurring billing" instead this means your subscription is already set to not renew.
Microsoft has additional details available here.
Google Play
1. Go to your subscriptions in Google Play.
2. Select your Concepts subscription.
3. Click Manage and then Cancel subscription.
4. Within the confirmation pop-up, click Yes.
Google has additional details available here.
If you purchased from a another store, please contact our support team for help.
Samsung Galaxy Store
1. Open the Galaxy store
2. Tap to open the menu
3. Tap on "subscriptions"
4. Select Concepts and choose unsubscribe.