Perspective grids are drawing references that allow you to sketch buildings, urban landscapes and objects in realistic, 3-dimensional perspective (note that Concepts is a 2D vector-based sketching app, not a 3D modeling app). Like all of Concepts' grids, the perspective grids can be used with a drawing assist (Snap or Align) to help you to draw in alignment with the grid's primary design function.

To find Concepts' perspective grids, head to Settings > Grids, and scroll through the list to find 1-, 2- and 3-point perspective grids. Tap a grid to activate it, then either tap it again to customize the grid (or tap Edit Grid), or exit the menu to see it on canvas.

You can toggle the grid on or off in the Precision menu on canvas, and use the Grid layer in the Layers menu to adjust its position in the layers stack or adjust opacity etc.

With the grid active, you can use the grid:

1) as a visual reference while sketching. For fast straight line sketches without the drawing guide active, set your pen to 100% line smoothing.

2) with the perspective grid drawing guide Align.

Note: We have two Snap options - Snap "snaps" your drawing directly to the grid, while Align allows you to draw in "alignment" (on or near) to the grid. We found Align was the best fit for working with the perspective grids.

To draw with Align, open the Precision menu, tap the options beside Snap, and tap Align. This sets up your Snap toggle - just tap Snap on or off to draw with or disable the drawing guide. You can also opt here to Allow Turns while drawing with the grid.

All lines you draw with the guide will align strictly according to the grid's directional presets, allowing you to draw quick 3-dimensional objects in perspective. The perspective guide drawing presets allow the following directions:

1 Point Perspective - Draw horizontal and vertical lines, and orthogonal lines directing toward the single vanishing point on the horizon line.

2 Point Perspective - Draw vertical lines, and orthogonal lines directing to each of the two vanishing points on the horizon line.

3 Point Perspective - Draw orthogonal lines only that direct toward any of the three vanishing points on the canvas.

To learn the basics of sketching in perspective, and learn how to draw objects using the perspective grids, see our exercise-filled tutorial here - How to Sketch with a Perspective Grid.