You can create rapid duplicates and mirror, flip or rotate them to create mandalas, symmetrical objects and more using Concepts' Selection tools. We'd like to add a specific symmetry tool in the future.

1. It helps to set up a grid for reference, though it's not necessary. Tap Settings > Grid and choose a grid. Then in the Precision menu on canvas, tap "Grid" to activate it.

2. Sketch a segment of your design.

3. Select the sketch and duplicate it. The duplicated object will now be the object that is selected.

4a. If you're doing a simple mirror or flip, tap the mirror or flip icon on the selection menu above your object.

4b. If you want to rotate it at an angle (eg 30 or 45 degrees), tap+hold the angle metric on the status bar at the top of the canvas. Enter your rotational value with the keyboard. This will rotate your duplicated selection clockwise the specified amount.

5. Before tapping to set it to the canvas, duplicate the object again and rotate it in the same way. (If you placed it, just undo to reselect.) You can quickly create a full design in this way.

Tip: It can also help to sketch reference lines to help you outline your design before drawing. Once your grid is set up, set a pencil to 100% smoothing and sketch a straight line on the grid. Rotate it using the method above to create the reference structure, draw a design segment in a layer above your reference, then use the steps above to complete the design.