With a free Concepts account, you can sync your purchases across your devices. Concepts offers two types of purchases:
1. A one-time purchase system for platform-specific uses. For example, you can sync your Essentials or brush or object library purchases across all iOS devices that share the same Apple account. We also allow family sharing on iOS.
2. A monthly or yearly subscription for cross-platform workflows. For example, if you have a subscription on iOS, you can use it to unlock a subscription on a Windows device, or vice versa. 
To sync your subscriptions across Windows, Android and iOS platforms:
  1. Open Concepts on both platforms and tap the profile icon in the status bar.
  2. Tap the Accounts tab.
  3. Create an account on one device, and sign into the same account on the other device.
  4. Your subscription will automatically sync across platforms.
For Android, we currently only support syncing subscriptions purchased in the Google Play store and not the Samsung store or others.
Please note that drawings will not sync across devices or platforms. We are actively developing syncing solutions, and bringing features together cross-platform so we can enable file sharing across iOS, Windows and Android. See our roadmaps for Windows and Android here.
If you'd like to see which features are available for which platforms, see our list here.
If you have any questions about syncing your account purchases, please tap Help > Ask Us Anything in app and we'll be happy to help.