We have enabled Family Sharing on iOS for all of your Concepts in-app purchases, including Subscriptions, Essentials, brushes and tools. We hope this will allow you to spend more creative time with your loved ones.

According to Apple's Family Sharing policy, you can share your in-app purchases with up to six family members. To apply in-app purchases to your family-owned devices:

1. Make sure your parent Apple ID is enabled to allow Family Sharing. Set this up via Apple's how-to here.

2. Check that your family member's shared Apple ID is currently active in their device Settings menu.

3. Open Concepts and tap "PRO" in the Status bar to go to the Store.

4. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Restore Purchases." It should take only a moment to sync with your Apple account.

*Please note that your Apple ID account is separate from any Concepts account you may have created, and Apple enables Family Sharing via your Apple ID.

**Feel free to create a new Concepts account for each family member based on your email address. Concepts accounts allow you to sync app settings and preferences across devices, not drawings (we are working on iCloud sync for drawings).