Concepts for Windows and Concepts for Android & Chrome OS are young versions of our infinite sketching app, launched in 2018 to encourage creativity across mobile platforms (where Concepts for iOS was started 10 years ago). We are working toward cross-platform parity among Windows, Android and iOS as quickly as we can. If you have questions or feedback about your app experience, please head in-app to Help > Ask Us Anything and we'll chat with you directly.
We are working to create tutorials and share stories from our professional designers, illustrators and visual thinkers around the world. Below you can find a list of our materials, updated regularly. You can also find the latest here on our News.
Getting Started
Tools, Brushes and Colors
The Nudge Tool (Tutorial)
Art Stories and Tutorials
Design Stories and Tutorials
Visual Thinking Stories and Tutorials
Here are some of our older yet still relevant stories from a previous version of Concepts for iOS. They have tons of great illustration and design tips that will inspire your work. We hope you enjoy them.
Art Stories and Tutorials
Design Stories and Tutorials

Do you have something you’d like to learn about or a story you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you - please send an email to and we’ll chat.