We believe everyone deserves powerful creative tools, and our goal is to create the best creative platform for you, whatever your preferred operating system. We’ve come a long way since we first released our infinite sketching experience on Windows in August 2018, and we’re getting closer to bridging the gap between Concepts for Windows, Android and iOS. Here’s what we’ve accomplished:
File Management
  • Gallery with Support for Projects
  • Open In Place
  • Printing Support
  • Improved File Saving Reliability
Brushes + Tools
  • Live Smoothing, including Straight Line Sketching with 100% Smoothing
  • Slice Tool (aka Vector Eraser)
  • Nudge Tool
  • Hard Mask
  • Color Picking
  • Memphis Patterns, Halftones, Exterior Walls, Crosshatching, and Inkblot Brush Packs
  • Improved Drawing Performance
  • Waterful Brushes by artist Matthew Baldwin
  • Precision Tools - these are currently being released. See our Precision Tools roadmap here.
  • Grids, including Dot, Grid, Isometric, Lined Paper and Triangle
  • Toolbar (additional to Tool Wheel)
  • Dark Mode
  • Finger vs Stylus Gestures
  • Keyboard Shortcuts (more to come here)
Importing & Exporting
  • Image Imports
  • Copy & Paste via Clipboard and Drag+Drop
  • Customizable Artboards for Flexible Exports
  • SVG and DXF Export
  • PDF and PSD Import & Export
  • Selection Export
  • Newsletter Signup
  • Enabling Subscriptions to work across iOS + Windows platforms
  • Concepts Account Sign In to support Subscription sharing across platforms

We know you’re looking forward to full feature parity and a common file format with iOS, and so are we! See the full list of features we've implemented here.
Coming Up Next:
Thanks for supporting us and our goal of bringing a unified creative platform across Windows, iOS and Android. If you would like to see our full features comparison between platforms, see our list here.