Concepts in Education

Concepts is a natural sketching, design, note-taking and markup tool used by students and teachers across all grade levels, through to university and online learning. Teachers and students can visually discover and communicate their ideas on an infinite canvas, with fluid pens, designer colors, and movable vectors that are simple and intuitive. Draw, take notes, practice handwriting, organize ideas, and mark up and share homework documents on your digital paper, while on a larger level, create lecture materials and share presentations.

Concepts is now available FREE for your classroom. If you are a staff member at a school and interested in licensing for your classroom, please contact us at and we'll be happy to work with you directly. Please note that we cannot provide free licenses to individual students.

The following resources, stories and tutorials have been shared by educators about how Concepts has made a difference in their classroom. Many thanks for sharing your stories.

Classroom Stories

Teaching Digital Sketching in the Classroom with Damian Parker (YouTube) - Learn simple digital sketching techniques to help your students gain confidence drawing in this free Zoom Workshop with Apple Educator Damian Parker and The Big Draw.

Concepts: the Future of Design in Architecture and Education, with Architect Evan Bronstein (YouTube) - At the St. Louis Center of Creative Arts, Bronstein uses Concepts to teach the basics of design and architecture.

Design Technology in the Classroom: Rising Into Success at St Cyres School, with Apple Educator Damian Parker - How Apple Distiguished St Cyres School has incorporated digital resources into the classroom and given students a step up in design learning.

A Year Using Concepts at St Cyres School, with Apple Educator Damian Parker - How the students and faculty at Apple Distinguished St Cyres School digitally designed their projects with Concepts App in the classroom.

Teaching Strategic Thinking Skills to Air Force Pilots, with Major John Webb - Major John Webb of the U.S. Air Force teaches strategic thinking to pilot students with Concepts and his iPad.

Student Stories

Creating Timeless Interior Design, with Interior Design Student Anna Aeschbacher - Interior design student Anna Aeschbacher shares how she transforms a historical shop into a cultural bar for her client.

One Point Perspective Sketching, with Architectural Student Bhupesh Malviya - Bhupesh Malviya shares how to draw an architectural sketch using One Point Perspective.

Designing Art and Space with Emotion, with Architectural Student Maha Alamri - Designer Maha Alamri shares how emotion creates compelling spaces in art and architecture.

Drawing and Concepts App Tutorials

Learn to Draw Series (YouTube) - Filled with drawing techniques and practice assignments shared by designer Lasse Pekkala, this free Learn to Draw YouTube series is appropriate for all students and educators who would like to improve their sketching abilities.

How to Save the Earth with a Sketch, with Earth Endeavours - For kids and adults — learn how to create a visual solution for real-world change using your pencil, a piece of paper and a few great ideas.

How to Sketch with a Perspective Grid - These drawing exercises will help you learn how to use 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective grids to sketch designs and illustrations.

How to Create Lined Paper for Note Taking and Handwriting - Learn how to set up lined paper for note taking and handwriting practice on your infinite canvas.

Connecting to Your Audience with Presentation Mode - Learn how to connect your Concepts canvas to the big screen and present live with AirPlay on iOS.

How to Virtual Whiteboard on Your iPad - Connect your iPad and iPhone to video conferencing apps and sketch live with Concepts.

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