Earbuds Product Design in Concepts App
Concepts is used by leading design professionals to create products that change the world. Here is a collection of stories shared by our designers, about everything from product design to retail design, web design, brand design, game design and even cake design.
Winning Concepts in Retail Design, with Charles Freestone
Sketching Wireframes for Web Design, with Charli Marie Prangley
Problem Solving for Brand Design, with Franz Escolastico
Designed to Make: Rolling Light, with Marcelo Cominguez
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How to Design in Concepts - Get started using Concepts' Shape Guides, Snap, Selection and Layers as you design a simple object.
How to Make Your Own Icons (YouTube) - Make great icons with Concepts' Smoothing, Slice and Nudge tools.
How to Sketch with a Perspective Grid - These drawing exercises will help you learn how to use 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective grids to sketch designs and illustrations.
How to Set Up a Perspective Grid in Concepts - Learn how to set up and customize your perspective grids in Concepts.
3 Ways to Draw a Straight Line (iOS) - Three ways to draw a straight line in Concepts and when to sketch it.
Scale and Measurement in Concepts (iOS) - Learn how to apply accurate scale and measurements to your drawings and plans.
How to Edit Your Grid - Learn how to set up and customize grids in Concepts.
If you'd like to learn more about how to draw your own ideas, check out our free Learn to Draw Series on YouTube, filled with drawing techniques by designer Lasse Pekkala.

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