Concepts for Architects Lake House Design
Concepts is one of the most popular design tools for architects on the iPad. Architects use Concepts every day to design homes, city complexes and communities around the world. The infinite canvas, designer COPIC colors, natural and CAD-like tools, editable vector brushes, unlimited layers, PDF import, and ability to export to other niche apps (via DXF, PSD, PDF and other file types) makes the app a fully functional, flexible tool for sketching, design, and team and client communication.
Many of our architects have generously shared how they use the app in their workflows in the videos and interviews below. You might also find our design tutorials useful.
This YouTube video series by award winning architect Osama Elfar shares how to create scaled floor plans, axonometric drawings, and interior and exterior design presentations for clients using Concepts and other apps.
Interviews with Architects
Designing Spaces with Authentic Emotion with Jesus Noriega
Creating Timeless Interior Design, with Anna Aeschbacher
How to Sketch a Building Design (iOS), with David Clynk
Concepts Design Tutorials
How to Create a Floor Plan (iOS) - Everything you want to know about creating a floor plan in Concepts.
How to Design in Concepts - Get started using Concepts' Shape Guides, Snap, Selection and Layers as you design a simple object.
3 Ways to Draw a Straight Line - Three ways to draw a straight line in Concepts and when to sketch it.
Scale and Measurement in Concepts (iOS) - Learn how to apply accurate scale and measurements to your drawings and plans.
How to Sketch with a Perspective Grid - These drawing exercises will help you learn how to use 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective grids to sketch designs and illustrations.
How to Set Up a Perspective Grid in Concepts - Learn how to set up and customize your perspective grids in Concepts.
How to Edit a PDF (iOS) - Learn how to create, import, edit, sign and export PDFs on your iPad.
How to Edit a PDF (Windows, Android) - Learn how to create, import, edit, sign and export PDFs on your Windows or Android tablet.
How to Clean Up a PDF or Image on your iPad (iOS) - 5 tricks to help you clean up your PDF or image on your iPad.
How to Make a Transparent PNG Object (iOS) - Transparent objects are instant creative assets in Concepts. Learn how to create one in five easy steps.
How to Virtual Whiteboard on Your iPad (iOS) - Connect your iPad and iPhone to video conferencing apps and sketch live with Concepts.
Connecting to Your Audience with Presentation Mode (iOS) - Learn how to connect your Concepts canvas to the big screen and present live with AirPlay.

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