There are several ways to add a color to a color palette. First, tap+hold the color circle at the center of the tool wheel to access the Colors menu. If you want to create a new palette first, tap the Add (+) button next to ‘My Palettes.’

1. Tap+hold the color circle in the top right corner of the menu and drag it to your palette. This color circle will show any color value that you enter into the COPIC / RGB / HEX / HSB fields (notice the full spectrum color sliders beneath the RGB and HSB fields, slide your finger along those to find more colors) or that you select from the COPIC color wheel.

2. Tap the color circle to open the COPIC color wheel. Tap+hold any color on the wheel to select it, and drag it to your palette.

3. Tap+hold colors in other palettes and drag them to your palette (great when coupled with the Dynamic Palettes at the bottom of the menu, particularly Recently Used Colors or Most Used Colors).

4. Drag+drop colors from other supported apps directly into a color palette.