To share your creative assets with your friends or colleagues, you need to subscribe to Concepts. Team sharing is a collaborative capability that only comes with a subscription. Your friend or colleague, however, just needs a free Concepts account.

To share your objects, brushes and color palettes, tap+hold the pack or color palette you wish to share. A popup will appear with the option to share it.

Tap Share and you’ll be given a link you can copy and send to your colleague via email, text etc, or tap Share in the upper right corner and choose where to send the link directly.

Note that shared packs are read-only by everyone except for you. This includes titles and names, so we recommend you give it a good, recognizable name before sharing. Any changes you make to a shared pack will be updated immediately in other accounts.

You can un-share your pack at any time by entering the same Share screen and tapping “Un-share”.