In the Gallery, you can use these gestures to manage your drawings:

  1. To add a new drawing, tap the + in the upper corner of the status bar and select New Drawing, or tap the + at the bottom center of the screen. Tap+hold this button to bring up options for other items in the Gallery, like additional sections, projects or imports.
  2. Swipe up and down to scroll through the drawings in a project. Tap+hold a drawing to bring up the copy/delete popup. Tap copy to create a duplicate, or tap delete to permanently delete your sketch.
  3. Tap the arrow beside the section name to hide the section or reveal it. Tap+hold a section name to rename or delete it. Tap+hold+drag the section name up and down to rearrange sections. You can also define your sections by date created or date updated by tapping the sorting arrows in the status bar.
  4. Swipe left and right to scroll through your projects, or tap the project title in the upper status bar for a drop-down list of all of them. Tap a project in this list to move straight to it, or organize your projects by tap+hold+dragging them up and down the list.
  5. Tap+hold+drag to move a drawing. To add more drawings to your selection, tap+hold+drag one drawing, then tap other drawings in and move them to their new location. You can move them between sections in a project, between projects, into a project in the project menu or between apps.
  6. To change how your drawings appear in your project, tap the arrows on the upper status bar and pick the kind of sorting that works best for you - these affect your sections. You can sort manually, by date created, date updated, or alphabetically.