Selection is one of the powerful benefits of using vectors to draw. Anything you sketch, you can select and adjust after-the-fact. Change a stroke’s position, angle, color, tool, size, scale, smoothing, opacity and so on. It makes it easy to re-organize, duplicate, edit and polish your work without having to redraw anything.
Selection Gestures
  • Tap the toggle on the selection popup at the bottom of the screen to choose between Item Picker (single-select strokes), Lasso (multi-select strokes), and Color Picker (select colors and tools).
  • Tap+hold+drag with Item Picker or Color Picker active to drag the picker about.
  • With Item Picker, tap to select a stroke beneath your cross-hairs. Tap again with an additional finger to add or subtract items from your selection.
  • With Lasso, tap+hold+drag around all the strokes you'd like to select at once.
  • Once selected, one finger drags the object.
  • Once selected, two fingers scale and rotate the object.
  • Once selected, tap a control point or two (the dots at the corners of your selection) to activate them, then use one or two fingers to drag, pinch or expand the relevant corners of your selection.
  • Use the popup at the bottom of the screen to choose how you'd like to rotate, scale or stretch your strokes, and whether you'd like to select from All layers or just the Active layer.
  • Tap anywhere on canvas to exit the selection.

Want to dive deeper? Then read this tutorial on Selection.