A free Concepts account allows you to sync all of your purchases, color palettes, brushes and object libraries live between your devices. You must be signed into your account on each device for them to sync.
Note that your drawings are not synced on your account. The drawings can be synced between iOS devices via iCloud Drive by saving them under iCloud Drive in the gallery. 
To create a free account:
  1. Touch your Profile icon in the Gallery.
  2. Enter your email address and a password. (Note that we do not sell or share your information, it simply marks your space in the Concepts world.)
  3. Enter the same email and password into your Concepts profile on your other devices.
  4. Watch as your purchases, palettes and libraries sync live between your devices.
If you wish to sync libraries, palettes, and future offerings between Concepts accounts for collaboration and team sharing purposes, please consider subscribing to Everything+. This not only gives you open access to every feature in app, it allows you to live share your assets with your colleagues.